Dr. Kannegenti specializes in adult psychiatry and is licensed to treat patients with Opioid Dependence. Dr. Kannegenti has extensive training and continuing education in the diagnosis and treatment.  Dr. Kannegenti started his own practice in 2006 with 10 years of experience from  West  Central  Georgia  Regional  Hospital.  Dr. Kannegenti was born and raised in the southern part of India.
Dr. Kannegenti attended medical school at Guntur Medical College and upon graduation, came to the United States to continue his studies. Dr. Kannegenti completed his residency in psychiatry at the Sinai  Hospital in Detroit , Michigan where he finished his general psychiatry training. Dr. Kannegenti believes that there is always more to be learned and mastered. It is that philosophy that has led him to attend many courses on the new treatments and advancements in the psychiatry field and drug addiction therapy.  Dr. Kannegenti strives to give you the best and most compassionate care as possible.
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